Waiting Room & Public Furniture

When people head outdoors, they don’t always end up at malls or gaming arcades. They will also spend time in public areas such as the streets, the plazas and the parks. Naturally, these areas won’t feature luxurious and comfortable motel furniture. Instead, they will probably feature furniture that is vandal-resistant and easy to install & maintain. At Atama Furniture, we offer innovative solutions that can enhance the appeal of your waiting room and public furniture.

We specialise in manufacturing quality timber frame chairs and tables that are useful in commercial and residential settings alike. But, we offer stylish and long-lasting waiting room furniture as well. Our seats, benches and tables can enliven your public seating areas. More importantly, they can blend in perfectly with your existing décor. With us, you’ll be able to choose from a myriad of modern and contemporary designs that suit your tastes and preferences. And, you will not need to spend a fortune either.

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